The Arterie is proud to be recognized as a 2024 Longhorn 100 winner.
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Welcome to The Arterie, a dynamic creative advertising agency with a unique perspective, proudly owned and led by women. We combine our passion for creativity, marketing expertise, and dedication to inclusivity to drive innovation in every campaign we undertake. With a diverse and talented team, we specialize in crafting eye-catching visuals, compelling brand narratives, and memorable advertising experiences that resonate with audiences globally. Our mission is to empower our partners to break through the noise, and achieve unprecedented success. Join us on this creative journey, where art and science collide.


For more than two decades, The Arterie has committed itself to creating impactful art and believes that adaptability in creativity and commerce is the key to sustainability and growth. Continuous dedication to learning new skills has allowed us to navigate our ever-changing world with fresh and innovative ideas that we are proud to contribute. Whether it’s selling out theaters for a summer blockbuster or driving sales for a product launch, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, trusted by Fortune 500 companies.



We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and originally started as an animation house, bringing art to life with our film studio partners. Now, we create world class art and campaign strategy for clients in the entertainment, sports and brand industries.

Our primary services include (but not limited to) key art design, digital media, brand 3D modeling, experiential activations, custom installation fabrication, style guides, pitch decks, strategy roadmaps and partnership execution.

A robust campaign lifecycle includes our 12-step process. From the initial client briefing, strategy planning and creative concepting all the way to execution and performance analytics we partner with our client every step of the way.

Recently we partnered with an expert research team to be able to provide a wide range of data collection services including focus groups, online communities, qualitative and quantitative reporting and branded client portals. Starting with high quality insights allows us to meet our target audience where they truly are.

While we do have a rate card for certain services, no two client needs are ever alike. This is why we provide a flexible pricing structure to include purchase orders, scope of work agreements and retainer deals to best accommodate.

Oftentimes our clients are up against a hard media deadline to launch a campaign so our team will generate a workback schedule and suggested timeline for feedback and revisions. We’re here to make your campaign a success and take pride in getting your project out into the world!

Because we started as an animation house, our technical abilities are anything but average. We don’t just design, we code. We don’t just render, we fabricate.  Our design team has been executing rigorous creative production for two decades and counting.

Depending on the client and service, success could be measured in box office ticket sales, streaming viewership, google analytics or product sales tracking. Each type of media we create has its own unique KPI.

We meet our clients where they need us. Whether that’s via email and zoom or a dedicated slack channel and google docs for real time collaboration, we welcome it all. Oh yeah… and in person!